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Fages Antoine

Fages Antoine

Status : joint PhD student
Centre for Geogenetics, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen – Laboratoire AMIS, Université Toulouse III

Contact :
Email address : antoine.a.fages(a)
Phone number : +45 50 30 39 40 ; +33 6 06 42 64 24

Research Topics

- The horse provided us with rapid transportation, an almost unrivaled secondary product that tremendously impacted the politico-economical trajectory of our societies, revolutionizing the circulation of ideas, people, languages, religions and communication. Horse chariotry and cavalry also changed warfare and greatly enhanced the military success of famous historical Empires.

- My PhD project aims at building on the latest advances in the analysis of ancient DNA molecules to gather genomic, epigenomic and metagenomic information from ancient horses in order to track how humans transformed the horse at key periods in Antiquity and History. Starting from the characterization of pre-domestic populations of wild horses, the goal is to evaluate the genomic, epigenomic and dietary impact of early domestication stages.

- Overall, this project will significantly advance our understanding of animal domestication and will raise ancient genomics, epigenomics and metagenomics at the population scale for the first time by exploiting an extensive collection of archeological remains through space and time.

Ongoing research

1) Evaluate the impact of early domestication on the horse’ genome, microbiome and epigenome
2) Evaluate how much spoke-wheels and heavy cavalry changed the evolutionary trajectory of horses
3) Compare the adaptive signatures detected in different past sociocultural contexts to test whether similar characteristics and management strategies were developed

Academic background and research experiences

- 2015 Master of research, University College London (London, UK)
- May-August 2015 Research project, University College London (London, UK)
- January-April 2015 Research project, Natural History Museum (London, UK)
- 2014 Diplôme d’ingénieur, Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France)
- March-July 2014 : Research internship, Centre for Geogenetics (Copenhagen, Denmark)


Der Sarkissian C, Ermini L, Schubert M, Yang MA, Librado P,et al. 2015. Evolutionary genomics and conservation of the endangered Przewalski’s horse. Current Biology, Volume 25, Issue 19, p2577–2583, 5 October 2015.