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Hanghoj Kristian

Hanghøj Kristian

Status : PhD student

Affiliations :
University of Copenhagen, Natural History Museum of Denmark, Centre for GeoGenetics
Molecular Anthropology and Image Synthesis, CNRS-Université Toulouse III UMR 5528

Contact :
Email address : k.hanghoej(a)
Phone number : 004560191228

Research Topics :
My PhD project aims at providing an understanding on the impact of contact between traditional and modern populations, and will reveal, at the genomic, epigenomic and microbiota levels, the pace of associated biological shifts. This information will, in turn, be instrumental in ongoing debates about the maladaptation of modern societies to modern lifestyles, and the growing importance of disorders such as diabetes in our societies, which more and more challenge our public health systems.

Ongoing topics :
1) Sequencing the genome, epigenome and metagenome of ancient and modern populations.
2) Identifying the pathogens responsible of major outbreaks.
3) Reconstructing population structures through time.
4) Tracking genetic, epigenetic and metagenomic changes through time.

Academic background and research experiences :
Bachelor in Molecular Biology from University of Copenhagen (Aug, 2013)
Masters in Bioinformatics from University of Copenhagen (Sep, 2015)

Bibliography :
Gamba, C. et al. Comparing the performance of three ancient DNA extraction methods for high-throughput sequencing. Mol. Ecol. Resour. 16, 459–469 (2016).