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Kusuma Pradiptajati

Pradiptajati Kusuma
M. Biomed., Master in Biomedical Sciences, University of Indonesia

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1. Doctoral student in Molecular Anthropology, Laboratory of AMIS UMR-5288, Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, Toulouse, France
2. Research Assistant in Laboratory of Genome Diversity and Diseases, Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Jakarta, Indonesia

Research Topics
Pradiptajati Kusuma works on various ethnic populations in Indonesia in respect to molecular anthropology and human evolution studies. He focuses on utilizing genomic data to understand how human demography, migration, and dispersal of language and diseases, shape genetic diversity in populations across the archipelago.

Current Research
Pradiptajati Kusuma is now working on Borneo populations, using genetics and diseases traits as biological markers, to trace the source of historical human migration through Indian Ocean that settled Madagascar. He works under supervision of Dr. Thierry Letellier and Dr. François-Xavier Ricaut in Evolutionary Medicine research group.

Research Experiences
Participation in anthropobiological analysis and sampling of human remains and living population in Indonesia : Gayo population of North Sumatra (2011), various Austronesian and Papuan speaking populations of North Maluku islands (2012), the Banjar and various indigenous Dayak populations of South Borneo (2012), Dayak Ma’anyan population of Central-South Borneo (2013), Dayak Samihim and Warukin populations of South Borneo (2014).

5 peer-reviewed publications and 8 scientific oral presentations.
KUSUMA P, Brucato N, Cox MP, Pierron D, Razafindrazaka H, Sudoyo H, Letellier T, Ricaut FX. 2016. Contrasting Linguistic and Genetic Influences during the Austronesian Settlement of Madagascar. Scientific Reports (accepted)
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KUSUMA P, Cox MP, Brucato N, Sudoyo H, Letellier T, Ricaut FX. Western Eurasian genetic influences in the Indonesian Archipelago. Quaternary International. doi : 10.1016/j.quaint.2015.06.048 (in press)
KUSUMA P, Cox MP, Pierron D, Razafindrazaka H, Brucato N, Adelaar S, Letellier T, Sudoyo H, Ricaut FX. 2015. Mitochondrial DNA and the Y chromosome suggest the settlement of Madagascar by Indonesian sea nomad populations. BMC Genomics 16:191
Karmin M and 85 authors (including KUSUMA P). 2015. A recent bottleneck of Y chromosome diversity coincides with a global change in culture. Genome Research. 25(4):459-66.