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Marangoni Aurelio

Aurelio Marangoni

Status : Post Doc

Affiliations : CNR (Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche) (Italy)

Contact : Phone : +39 3201158711 ; e-mail :

Research Topics : Horse Domestication

Ongoing topics : Horse Domestication in Italy

Academic background and research experiences :
Masters’s Degree in Natural Sciences obtained at “Sapienza” University of Rome
PhD in Animal Biology obtained at “Sapienza” University of Rome

Bibliography :

A. Marangoni, D. Caramelli, G. Manzi. 2014. Homo sapiens in the Americas. Overview of the earliest human expansion in the New World. Journal of Anthropological Sciences Vol. 92, pp. 79-97

A. Marangoni, M. L. Belli, D. Caramelli, J. Moggi-Cecchi, M. Zavattaro, G. Manzi. 2011. Tierra del Fuego, its ancient inhabitants, and the collections of skeletal remains in the Museums of Anthropology of Florence and Rome Museologia Scientifica nuova serie, 5(1-2), pp. 88-96