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Molecular biology labs

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Molecular biology labs

The Laboratories dedicated to Post-PCR works for ancient DNA and the molecular studies of modern samples.

Three dedicated spaces are available in the laboratories : a pre-PCR room, a post-PCR room and a machine room (with bioruptor, Bioanalyzer, thermocyclers, nanodrop).
Equipment can extract DNA from different substrates (serum, saliva, ...), the classical experiments of molecular biology (DNA fragmentation, amplification by PCR, genotyping, preparation for sequencing, ... ), the nucleic acids electrophoresis in agarose gel.
Now, equipments to analyze DNA libraries from ancient and modern DNA, to perform enrichment of libraries in the goal High Throughput Sequencing are available in our facilities.

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On the left : Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent) ; At the right : Bioruptor (Diagenode).

We have a partnership since several years with the genomic and genetic platforms GeT-Plage et Plateau GeT Purpan at Toulouse.
We realized our data process from High Throughput sequencing with bioinformatic facilities on bio-informatic Plateform IBiSA (genotoul bioinfo) at Toulouse.