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Ricaut Francois Xavier

François-Xavier Ricaut
CNRS Researcher in Anthropobiology, University of Toulouse

Contact :
Tel : +00 33 (0)5 61 14 55 11

Research interests
Trained as an anthropobiologist, my research investigates different aspects of the history and evolution of human populations, in particular the modalities of human settlement (migration, admixture, selection, drift) that explain the genetic population structure, with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region.
This research is achieved through analysing the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of biological diversity in human populations using a wide spectrum of analytical tools. Genetic and skeletal morphological variations are investigated in both contemporary and ancient populations, allowing a fine-scale analytical perspective.

Current research
- Unexplored human history in the Indian Ocean : Human biological adaptations to the Indian Ocean slave trade and Indonesian dispersal to Madagascar
- Settlement history in Papua New Guinea : multidisciplinary approach from archaeo-sciences and molecular anthropology to reveal complex cultural and biological history
- Human occupation of karstic area, and settlement history of East Kalimantan (Indonesia)
- Genetic history of the Swahili populations
- Molecular epidemiology and population history in the Indonesian archipelago

Recently, I have begun to explore new aspects of genetic anthropology and environmental adaptation after joining the Evolutionary Medicine research group led by Dr Thierry Letellier in 2014. I have expanded my research, grounded in the anthropological framework of the Indo-Pacific and Australo-Melanesia region, to explore new scientific questions using molecular epidemiology (viral DNA and host resistance) and epigenetics. These new tools are complementary to the archaeological excavation and population genetic approaches used to reconstruct the population history of the Indo-Pacific region.

Research experience
I have been involved in 13 international projects investigating the genetic history of human populations, including human occupation in northern Asia, southern European Neolithic, Austronesian dispersal in the Indo-Pacific region, and human occupation of Sahul (Australo-Melanesia).

- 2014-2019 : Principal Investigator of the ANR (French National Research Agency) research program “OceoAdapto” (ANR-14-CE31-0013-01)
Project : Unexplored human history in the Indian Ocean
- 2016-present : Principal investigator of the French archaeological mission in Papua New Guinea.
Grant : French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project : Prehistory of Karawari sites, Sepik (Papua New Guinea)
- 2011-2016 : Principal investigator of the French archaeological mission in Borneo (Indonesia).
Grant : French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project : Human occupation of karstic area, and settlement history of East Kalimantan (Indonesia)
- 2008-present : Researcher CNRS (CR1)
Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Moléculaire et Imagerie de Synthèse (UMR5288), University of Toulouse, France
- 2008-2010 : Research Associate
Centre for Archaeological Sciences, University Catholic of Leuven, Belgium
- 2007-2008 : Post-doctoral fellow (IUAP grant)
Center for Archaeological Sciences, University Catholic of Leuven, Belgium
Project : Sagalassos Archaeological Project (Pr M Waelkens)
- 2003-2006 : Post-doctoral fellow (NERC grant)
Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies (LCHES), Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge, UK
Project : Pioneers of Island Melanesia (Pr R Foley and Dr M Mirazon-Lahr)
- 2000-2003 : Ph.D. in Molecular Anthropology-Archaeology
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales and University of Toulouse (France)
Project : Ancient DNA and Human populations : Settlement of Oriental Siberia and Altaï (Pr E Crubézy and Pr B Ludes)

52 peer-reviewed publications.9 book chapters, 46 conferences.

Details available at

- Kusuma P, Brucato N, Cox MP, Letellier T, Manan A, Nuraini C, Grangé P, Sudoyo H, RICAUT FX. 2017. The last sea nomads of the Indonesian archipelago : genomic origins and dispersal. Eur J Hum Genet. 2017 Aug ;25(8):1004-1010 doi : 10.1038/ejhg.2017.88 PDF

- Brucato N, Kusum P, Beaujard P, Sudoyo H, Cox MP, RICAUT FX. Genomic admixture tracks pulses of economic activity over 2,000 years in the Indian Ocean trading network. Scientific Report 7:2919 doi : 10.1038/s41598-017-03204-y. PDF

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