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Seguin-Orlando Andaine

Seguin-Orlando Andaine

Position : Postdoctoral researcher, CNRS, ERC Pegasus

Mail :
Phone : +33 6 74 38 62 75

Research Topics :

I was initially trained as a molecular biologist and a paleogeneticist. After a few years of teaching experience in French high schools, I decided to be part of the paleogenomics revolution and moved to Denmark, where I was in charge of the DNA sequencing facilities of Copenhagen University, and spent a few years testing and developing molecular methods to improve the characterization of genomes, metagenomes and epigenomes from ancient remains. I applied these methodologies to the paleogenomic study of Upper Paleolithic Anatomically Modern Human groups. My PhD work enabled us to get a better understanding of the genomic structure and the peopling of Europe, and for the first time used paleogenomics to shed light on the social behaviour of Humans dating from the Upper Paleolithic.
My expertise in ancient genomics, and in High-Throughput Sequencing in general, has given me the opportunity to contribute to different international consortia, studying, among others, the peopling of the Americas, the history of Horse domestication, the genomic history of the Irish Potato Famine and to be part of the Earth Microbiome Project.

Current Research/Ongoing research :

I joined the AMIS lab as a postdoctoral researcher in September 2017. As a member of the AGES team, I am involved in two main projects. 1) The ERC Pegasus project, deciphering the history of Horse domestication. We use genomics, paleogenomics, epigenomics and metagenomics to trace back how humans shaped the modern horse breeds. 2) The ANR LifeChange project, studying the biological, medical and socio-cultural impact of colonization, using Russian colonization of Yakutia in the 17th century as a model.
From spring 2018, I will also focus on my NEO project, just granted a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow. NEO will investigate the European identity by assessing the genetic ancestry of Neolithic human groups as well as the dietary, mobility patterns, residential and funerary rules characterizing Neolithic societies.

Academic background and Research Experiences :

- Nov. 2016-Aug. 2017 Postdoctoral Researcher in Ancient Genomics, Willerslev group, Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
- Feb 2012-Oct 2016 : PhD in Ancient Genomics and Molecular Anthropobiology, Pr. Willerslev’s group, Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen (Denmark). thesis : Improving High-Throughput Sequencing Approaches for Reconstructing the Evolutionary Dynamics of Upper Paleolithic Human Groups.
- June 2011-Aug. 2017 : Daily Leader of the Danish National High Throughput DNA Sequencing Center, National Natural History Museum (Denmark)
- Sept 2010-May 2011 : Research Assistant at the Danish National High Throughput DNA Sequencing Center National Natural History Museum (Denmark)
- 2002-2010 : High-school Teacher in Life and Earth sciences (France)
- July 2002 : MSc in Development, Genetics and Immunology, University of Lyon (France)
- July 2001 : Agrégation of Life and Earth Sciences (competitive examination of excellent aptitude for teaching)
- Sept 1998-July 2002 : Normalienne (4 years scholarship), Magistère of Cellular and Molecular Biology, ENS Lyon (France), including 6 months Erasmus at Uppsala University (Sweden) in Ecotoxicology and Statistics

Bibliography (last or more pertinent publications)

-  Sikora M*, Seguin-Orlando A*, et al. (1*/27, co-first author) 2017. Ancient genomes show social and reproductive behavior of early Upper Paleolithic foragers. Science. doi : 10.1126/science.aao1807.
-  Seguin-Orlando A*, Gamba C*, et al. (1*/21, co-first author) 2015. Pros and cons of methylation-based enrichment methods for ancient DNA. Sci Rep, DOI:10.1038/srep11826
-  Seguin-Orlando A, et al. (1/9) 2015. Amplification of TruSeq ancient DNA libraries with Accuprime Pfx : consequences on nucleotide mis-incorporation and methylation patterns. STAR, DOI : 10.1179/2054892315Y.0000000005
-  Jónsson H*, Schubert M*, Seguin-Orlando A*, et al. (1*/26, co-first author) 2014. Speciation with gene flow in equids despite extensive chromosomal plasticity. PNAS 111:18655-60
-  Seguin-Orlando A*, Korneliussen TS*, Sikora M*, et al. (1*/21, co-first author) 2014. Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years. Science 346:1113-1118
-  Seguin-Orlando A, et al. (1/9) 2013. Ligation bias in Illumina next-generation DNA libraries : implications for sequencing ancient genomes. PLoS ONE 8:e78575

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