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Crubezy Eric

Directeur de l’Unité AMIS - UMR 5288
PU - Univ Toulouse 3

Contact : crubezy.eric(a)

Diplôme de l’EHESS, Maitrise de biomécanique, DU d’électromyographie.
Médaille d’or de la faculté de Médecine de Montpellier.
Professeur Honoris causa de l’Université de Krasnoïarsk.
Président du groupement des anthropologues de langue française depuis 2007

Research Topics
Anthropobiologist, specialist of biological human history, from excavations to laboratory, my research program focuses on the interaction between genes and culture, and more specifically using data relevant to human biology to shed new light on human history : population settlements in the Holocene, the societies of the past -demography, epidemiology- and their funerary complexes. The program lies at the interface between the human and social sciences, and the life and environmental sciences. Research draws on excavations, the study of funerary complexes from different cultures and ecologies, and developing methods to study the biology of past populations.

Current researchs
I excavate funerary complexes in regions that are culturally and ecologically different (Mediterranean basin, Egypt, Siberia, Mongolia, Andes), in order to explore different funeral practices and the differential conservation of DNA and organic remains. During the past fifteen years, a particular effort has been made on generating genetic and paleogenetic data, in order to compare ancient and modern populations with similar markers. Actually we develop studies on paleogenomic and paleoepigenomic datas in populations from Siberia, Neolithic Europe and Mediterranean areas.

Research experiences
Initially specialised in anatomy and pathology, I have been the initiator of paleogenetic studies for infectious diseases (TB, plague and smallpox) and for the interactions between human biology, gene and meme in ancient populations. The specificity of my work is related to the definition of the research problematic and then the coordination of this research from the fieldwork phase until the laboratory analysis.


Papers : on Google Scholar and ResearchGate

I have written two trilogies, (i) one about human settlements in the Nile valley from Predynastic to Christian times and (ii) about the medieval history of death in Languedoc (South France). Others book about : (i) settlements and rituals funerary in the Mediterranean areas, Mongolia Siberia ; (ii) about the relations between archaeology and society.