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Fromentier Aurore

Aurore Fromentier

Status : PhD student in Molecular Anthropology
Laboratoire AMIS (Anthropologie Moléculaire et Imagerie de Synthèse) – UMR5288, Toulouse, France.

mail :

Research topics :
- Paleogenomic study of Mesolithic and Neolithic human societies from Western Mediterranean Basin.
- Metagenomic analysis on human remains excavated during the archaeological campaign undertaken by INRAP in the “Couvent des Jacobins”, Rennes – France, including the mummified corpse of Louise de Quengo.

Current Research :
The Neolithization process from the Middle East toward Europe was a major and irreversible step in the history of humankind and the effect of a complex genetic and cultural dispersion. In this context, being able to access ancient DNA data from Mesolithic and Neolithic human populations, combined with new high sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools, is an interesting way of studying the dispersal of European lineages during this transition. Thus, my PhD aims to understand the genetic origins and the possible links between several European archaeological sites from the Mediterranean Basin (Italy, Greece, France, etc.) ranging from Mesolithic through late Neolithic periods.

Academic background and research experiences

- Since dec. 2016 : PhD student in Molecular Anthropology – UMR 5288 – Anthropologie Moléculaire et Imagerie de Synthèse

- 2016 : Master degree in Anthropobiology and Human Population Genetics, University of "Paul Sabatier" (Toulouse III), Toulouse, France. Essay : Metagenomic analysis on 8 individuals excavated from "Le Couvent des Jacobins", Rennes, France. The purpose of this study was to distinguish possible pathogens among the samples and study individual’s genetic variability.

- 2015 : Master degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of "Pierre et Marie Curie, Sorbonne" (Paris VI), Paris, France.