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Maret Delphine

Maret Delphine
Senior Lecturer and Hospital practitioner (MCU-PH), Faculty of Odontology and Dental Hospital, Toulouse
Position : DDS, PhD

Contact :
Tel : 00(33)-(0)5 62 17 29 63

Research Topics
Applications of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in anthropology and forensic medicine.

Current researchs
Dental age estimation
Anatomy of dental structures
Incidental finding during a dental radiology examination by CBCT

Directions and teaching activities
*Teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate students in .
*Supervising dental students for their dental practice dissertation.
*Teaching in the Master of Anthropology degree and supervising Master’s degree students.


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Maret D, Telmon N, Treil J, Caron P, Nabet C. Pituitary Adenoma as an Incidental Finding in Dental Radiology : A Case Report. Annals of Internal Medicine, 2014, 4:290-91.

Maret D, Peters OA, Galibourg A, Dumoncel J, Esclassan R, Kahn JL, Sixou M, Telmon N. Experimental comparison of the quality of three-dimensional cone beam computed tomography and micro-CT reconstructions using different voxel sizes. Journal of Endodontics, 2014 ;40 :1321-6.

Esclassan R, Hadjouis D, Donat R, Passarrius O, Maret D, Vaysse F, Crubézy E. A Panorama of tooth wear during the medieval period. Antropologischer Anzeiger, 2015 ;72:185-99.

Lemagner F, Maret D, Peters OA, Coudrais E, Georgelin-Gurgel M. Prevalence of apical bone defects and evaluation of associated factors detected with Cone Beam CT images. Journal of Endodontics, 2015 ;41:1043-7.