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Our work in the media

- July 6th 2020. Chevalmag - Une préférence pour les chevaux mâles durant l’âge du bronze ?, A. Fages is interviewed by M. Senechal.
- June 2nd 2020, La Recherche, Un regard sans oeillères sur la paléogénétique, Ludovic Orlando is interviewed by J-F Haït
- May 29th 2020, Ludovic’s comments on some new studies addressing the genomic history of Southwest Asia are quoted by GenomeWeb
- June 7th 2019, OMP Grands Seminaires, Ludovic Orlando presents the latest results from his group on horse domestication and featured at the cover of the Cell scientific journal
- May 19th 2019, Radio Canada, Ludovic Orlando is interviewed by Sophie-Andrée Blondin for the ’Les Années lumières’ show
- May 17th 2019, France Culture, Ludovic Orlando is interviewed by Natacha Triou for the ’Journal des Sciences’ show
- May 14th 2019, NOVA plays ’The first horse warriors’ documentary featuring Ludovic Orlando
- May 9th 2019, France Inter, Ludovic Orlando is interviewed by Axel Villard for the ’La Tête au Carré’ show
- May 3rd 2019, Le Figaro, Jean-Luc Nothias 5000 ans d’histoire du cheval domestique
- May 2nd 2019, National Geographic, Speedy horses evolved only recently, says landmark equine study
- May 2nd 2019, Science, Elisabeth Pennisi Ancient DNA reveals two lost lineages of horses—but not their elusive origins
- March 18th 2019, France Inter, the work of Ludovic Orlando and Matthias Macé highlighted by Eric Baratay interviewed in ’La Tête au Carré’
- August 27th 2018 Karen Weintraub The DNA of Extinct Cave Bears Lives On, The New York Times
- April 9th 2018 Serge Bardy’s coverage of our Science article on early horse domestication Un chercheur toulousain réécrit l’histoire de l’homme et du cheval, La Depeche Du Midi
- April 6th 2018 Our work features at the cover of Science Ancient Genomes Illuminate Horse Evolution, Science
- February 25th 2018 Nathaniel Herzberg, La domestication du cheval revisitée, Le Monde
- February 24th 2018 Camille Gevaudan, Ancêtres des chevaux domestiques, chimères homme-mouton et baleine Pac-Man, Liberation
- February 24rd 2018 Sarah Gibbens, How DNA Proved Wild Horses No Longer Exist, National Geographic
- February 24th 2018 Viola Ulrich, Der Stammbaum der Pferde muss komplett umgeschrieben werden, Die Welt
- February 23rd 2018 Die Legende von den letzten Wildpferden, Der Spiegel
- February 23rd 2018 Sophie Becherel, Mais quel est donc l’ancêtre de tous les chevaux d’aujourd’hui ?, France inter
- February 23rd 2018 Oliver Moody, Genetic tests rein in myth of wild horses, The Times
- February 23rd 2018 Joe Pinkstone, Wild horses are EXTINCT: Domesticated breeds are now the only ones to survive on the planet, according to shock DNA study, Daily Mail
- February 23rd 2018 Cristina Sáez, Ya no quedan caballos salvajes en el mundo, Lavanguardia
- February 23rd 2018 Will Dunham, World’s last remaining wild horses aren’t really wild after all, Reuters
- February 23rd 2018 Shock DNA study shows the last ’wild’ horses are not truly wild, Skynews
- February 22nd 2018 Elizabeth Pennisi, Ancient DNA upends the horse family tree, Science
- February 22nd 2018 Josh Gabbatiss, Mysterious origin of domesticated horses ‘turned upside down’ by DNA analysis, The Independent
- February 22nd 2018 Erika Engelhaupt, The last wild horses aren’t truly wild, ScienceNews
- February 22nd 2018 Nell Greenfieldboyce, Why The Last ’Wild’ Horses Really Aren’t, National Public Radio
Listen the interview here :

- February 22nd 2018 Kristin Hugo, Wild Horses Can’t Drag Me Away Because They Don’t Exist, Genetic Analysis Finds, Newsweek
- February 22nd 2018 Jena-Luc Nothias, Nouveau mystère sur l’origine des chevaux domestiques, Le Figaro
- February 22nd 2018 Roland Knauer, Die Ahnen der Przewalski-Pferde,
- February 22nd 2018 Un "chocante" hallazgo revela que no existen caballos realmente salvajes, El Diario Vasco
- February 22nd 2018 Jan Hoole, Why it’s so hard to unravel the mysterious origins of domestic horses,
- February 22nd 2018 Dramatic genetic findings reshape history of horse domestication,
- February 22nd 2018 Ancient Genome Analysis Links Early Horse Domestication to Botai Region, genomeweb
- February 22nd 2018 Es gibt keine Wildpferde mehr,
- February 22nd 2018 Peter Hess, ’Wild’ Horses, Universal Symbols of Freedom, are Officially History, InverseScience
- February 22nd 2018 Kerry SHERIDAN, All the wild horses are extinct, The Citizen
- February 22nd 2018 Roland Knauer, Die Ahnen der Przewalski-Pferde,
- February 22nd 2018 Official Press Release on our new Science article

- February 12th 2018: Glad to see our work on the Genomic History of Domestic Horses be part of the CNRS exhibition ’Etonnant Vivant’ on Instagram and on the walls of the Montparnasse metro station in Paris
- November 7th 2017: Genes to Genomes: a blog from the Genetics Society of America. The Genetic History of Horses.
- October 12th 2017: Le Temps covers Andaine Seguin-Orlando’s work on Upper Paleolithic humans.
- October 10th 2017: Le Figaro covers Andaine Seguin-Orlando’s work on Upper Paleolithic humans.
- May 20th 2017: Les chevaux Scythes encore loin de ceux d’aujourd’hui. Pour la Science, Francois Savatier.
- May 20th 2017: Ludovic Orlando & Eric Crubezy present how ancient DNA is revolutionizing archaeology on France Culture.
- May12th 2017: Clio Der Sarkissian’s work on ancient mollusk shells makes the cover page of Molecular Ecology Resources.
- May 1st 2017: La Libre features our work on Scythian horses.
- April 28th 2017: Ludovic Orlando presents our work on Scythian horses on the France Interradio.
- April 27th 2017: Our work on Scythian horses makes it to the New York times!
- April 27th 2017: Our work on Scythian horses makes it to the Washington Post!
- April 27th 2017: Watch Ludovic Orlando presenting our work on Scythian horses.
- April 27th 2017: Our work on Scythian horses is released in Science.
- December 31st 2016: Our work on ancient and modern horses makes the cover of the Best of the Genes to Genomes 2016 booklet.
- October 1st 2016: Our review of the evolutionary origin of domestic horses makes the cover page of Genetics.