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Romanova Lioubomira

Romanova Liubomira
PhD student in Anthropobiology under a joint supervision arrangement with North-East Federal University, Yakutsk (Russia)

Contact : and liubomirarom(a)

Research topic

Evolution of Alimentation and its practice in the Yakut population

Current researchs

Our research aims to understand the evolution of the alimentation of the Yakut population during the 17th-19th centuries. The anthropology of food must necessarily take account of all biological and socio-cultural aspects which explains our cross-disciplinary approach.
It is an archeo-anthropological work relating to the modes of subsistence based, on the one hand, on the analysis of carbon and nitrogen’s stable isotopes of bone collagen and the toxicological analysis of the hair and on the other hand, on the study of archival materials and ethnographic texts. Geographically, this work relates more specifically to four regions of Yakutia : Central Yakutia, Vilouï, Verkhoïansk and Oymiakone which differ by their geographical context and the history and the process of the settlement. Chronologically, it covers a period which is marked by the arrival of the first Europeans. It implies the nourishment’s change due to the development of trade and the importation of new products (tea, tobacco, flour, sugar). The chosen approach takes into account individual data on the food protein and the consumption of tea and tobacco. This study allows make comparisons within a population and to track the spread of the tea and tobacco on the territory of Yakutia, and its impact to lifestyle and culture of Yakut people.