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Tacail T, Martin J, Arnaud-Godet F, Cerling T, Braga J, Balter V. 2019. Calcium isotopic patterns in enamel reflect different nursing behavior among South African early hominins. Science Advances in press.
Cazenave M, Oettlé A, Thackeray JF, de Beer F, Hoffman J, Heaton J, Dumoncel J, Braga J, Macchiarelli R. Human- and nonhuman-like features in the inner structural organization of the proximal femur in Paranthropus robustus. J Hum Evol in press.
Braga J, Samir C, Risser L, Dumoncel J, Descouens D, Thackeray JF, Balaresque P, Oettle A, Loubes J-M, Fradi A. Cochlear shape reveals that the human organ of hearing is sex-typed from birth. Scientific Reports
Braga J, Zimmer V, Dumoncel J, Samir C, de Beer F, Zanolli C, Pinto D, Rohlf J, Grine F. Efficacy of diffeomorphic surface matching and 3D geometric morphometrics for taxonomic discrimination of Early Pleistocene hominin mandibular molars. J Hum Evol 130:21-35.
Carayon D, Adhikari K, Monsarrat P, Dumoncel J, Braga J, Duployer B, Delgado M, Fuentes-Guajardo M, de Beer F, Hoffman J, Oettlé A, Donat R, Pan L, Ruiz Linares A, Tenailleau C, Vaysse F, Esclassan R, Zanolli C. A geometric morphometric approach to the study of variation of shovel-shaped incisors. Am J Phys Anthropol 168:229-241.
Nengovhela A, Braga J, Denys C, de Beer F, Tenailleau C, Taylor P. Associated tympanic bullar and cochlear hypertrophy define adaptations to true deserts in African gerbils and laminate-toothed rats (Muridae : Gerbillinae and Murinae). J Anat 234:179-192.

Beaudet A, Dumoncel J, de Beer F, Durrleman S, Gilissen E, Oettlé A, Subsol G, Thackeray JF, Braga J. 2018. The endocranial shape of Australopithecus africanus : surface analysis of the endocasts of Sts 5 and Sts 60. J Anat 232:296-303.
Fourvel J-B, Thackeray JF, Brink J, O’Reagan, Braga J. 2018. Taphonomic interpretations of a new Plio-Pleistocene hominin-bearing assemblage at Kromdraai (Gauteng, South Africa). Quaternary Science Reviews 190:81-97.
Reina N, Trousdale WH, Salib CG, Evertz LQ, Berglund LJ, van Wijnen AJ, Hewett TE, Berry CE, Berry DJ, Morrey ME, Sanchez-Sotelo J, Abdel MP. 2018. Validation of a dynamic joint contracture measuring device in a live rabbit model of arthrofibrosis. J Orthop Res. 36:2186-2192.
Zanolli C, Pan L, Dumoncel J, Kullmer O, Kundrát M, Liu W, Macchiarelli R, Mancini L, Schrenk F, Tuniz C. 2018. Inner tooth morphology of Homo erectus from Zhoukoudian. New evidence from an old collection housed at Uppsala University, Sweden. J Hum Evol 116:1-13.

Lewallen EA, Salib CG, Trousdale WH, Berry CE, Hanssen GM, Robin JX, Tibbo ME, Viste A, Reina N, Morrey ME, Sanchez-Sotelo J, Hanssen AD, Berry DJ, van Wijnen AJ, Abdel MP. Molecular pathology of total knee arthroplasty instability defined by RNA-seq. Genomics 110:247-256.
Pan L, Thackeray JF, Dumoncel J, Zanolli C, Oettlé A, de Beer F, Hoffman J, Duployer B, Tenailleau C, Braga J. Intra-individual metameric variation expressed at the enamel dentine junction of lower post-canine dentition of South African fossil hominin and modern humans. Am J Phys Anthropol 163:806-815.
Pan L, Dumoncel J, de Beer F, Hoffman J, Thackeray JF, Duployer B, Tenailleau C, Braga J. Further morphological evidence on South African earliest Homo lower postcanine dentition : Enamel thickness and enamel dentine junction. J Hum Evol 96:82-96.

Beaudet A, Dumoncel J, Thackeray JF, Bruxelles L, Duployer B, Tenailleau C, Bam L, Hoffman J, de Beer F, Braga J. Upper third molar inner structural organization and semicircular canal morphology in Plio-Pleistocene South-African cercopithecoids. J Hum Evol 95:104-120.
Beaudet A, Dumoncel J, de Beer F, Duployer B, Durrleman S, Gilissen E, Hoffman J, Tenailleau C, Thackeray JF, Braga J. Morphoarchitectural variation in South African fossil cercopithecoid endocasts. J Hum Evol 101:65-78.
Beaudet A, Braga J, de Beer F, Schillinger B, Steininger C, Vodopivec V, Zanolli C. Neutron microtomography-based virtual extraction and analysis of a cercopithecoid partial cranium (STS 1039) embedded in a breccia fragment from sterkfontein member 4 (South Africa). Am J Phys Anthropol 159:737-745.
Reina N, Cavaignac E, Pailhé R, Pailliser A, Bonnevialle N, Swider P, Laffosse JM. BMI-related microstructural changes in the tibial subchondral trabecular bone of patients with knee osteoarthritis. J Orthop Res. 35:1653-1660.