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Invited Seminars

- November 26th, 2PM, Enrico Cappellini, Univ of Copenhagen. Palaeoproteomic analysis for cultural heritage and molecular phylogeny beyond the limits of ancient DNA
- November 20th, 2PM, Xuexue Liu : Evolution history of Chinese horses and identification of genes responsible for important traits
- July 2019, 2PM : Michele Kelly-Irving, Toulouse University, France. Embodiment, social ineQualities, lifecoUrse epidemiology, cancer and chronIc diseases, intervenTions, methodologY.
- July 8th 2019, 2PM : Ryan Ward, Harvard University, USA. Learning from the Past to Understand the Future of Ocean Ecosystems : Investigating Diatom Evolution through Ancient Sediment DNA.
- February 7th 2019, 10:00AM : Guillaume Besnard, University of Toulouse 3-Paul Sabatier, France. Phylogenomics of multiple evolution of the C4 photosynthetic syndrome in grasses.
- February 6th 2019, 11:00AM : Yvette ’Running Horse’ Colin, Sacred Way Sanctuary (SWS) USA, Indigenous Research Methodologies and Science : Utilizing a Dual Approach to Deconstruct the History of the Horse in the Americas.
- January 18th 2019, 9:30AM : Sophie Montuire , University of Bourgogne-Franche Comte, France. Rongeurs et variabilité morphologique dans les registres contemporain et fossile.
- January 17th 2019, 3:30PM : Dr Olivier Bignon-Lau, University Paris-Nanterre, France. Reconstituted past : from animal behaviour to hunting practices at the end of Upper Palaeolithic
- January 9th 2019, 4:30PM : Pr Eske Willerslev, Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. What we can learn from ancient genomics.

- December 19th 2018, 10AM : Yaramila Tcheremissinoff, INRAP. Preventive and Funerary archaeology.
- November 12th 2018, 9AM : Pr Dan Bradley, Trinity College, Dublin. Ancient genome analysis of livestock and inference about their origin.
- October 12th 2018, 11AM : Dr Allowen Evin, ISEM, University of Montpellier. Pig domestication, selection and spread from the Neolithic to modern time.
- April 27th 2018, 1:30PM : Prof Nadir Alvarez, Natural History Museum of Lausanne, Switzerland. Performing genome complexity reduction on degraded DNA templates : an application of hyRAD to paleo-population genomics of conifers and future perspectives based on impressive time and spatial series of mammals in natural traps.
- April 27th 2018, 2:PM : Jean-Christophe Castel & Myriam Bouadi. , Natural History Museum of Lausanne, Switzerland. Natural paleontological accumulations in Eastern Aquitaine during the final Pleistocene : a new source of data on vertebrates populations and human behaviours
- April 13th 2018, 11AM : Dr Ludovic Slimak, TRACES, University of Toulouse. In search of Neandertal.GAP and Mandrin caves, 80 millenaries of neandertal occupations in Mediterranean France
- March 21st 2018, 10AM : Dr. Alan Outram, Dpt of Archaeology, University of Exeter, UK. The archaeology of Domestic Horses in Eneolithic and Bronze Age Kazakhstan.
- February 20th 2018, 11AM : Dr. Melanie Pruvost. Genetic characterization of ancestral French populations using ancient DNA : preliminary results on the project ANCESTRA.
- February 5th 2018, 10AM : Dr. Sebastien Calvignac-Spencer. Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany : Studying nonhuman primate infectious agents to understand the evolution of human health

- November 29th 2017, 10AM : Dr. Charles Stepanoff. Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Paris, France : L’anthropologie par-delà nature et culture, quelques points de rencontre

Journal Clubs
- November 22 2019, Duha Alioğlu : Joao, J.M., et al. (2019) Rapid evolution and biogeographic spread in a colorectal cancer. Nature Communications 10 ; 5139.
- October 4 2019, Morgane Gibert : Stephen, L., et al. (2019) Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use. Science. 365 ; 897-902
- September 20, 2019, Marine Poullet : Kelleher, J., et al. (2019). Inferring whole-genome histories in large population datasets. Nat. Genet. 51, 1330–1338.
- June 07 2019, Tomasz Suchan : Roth et al. 2019 Bedbugs Evolved before Their Bat Hosts and Did Not Co-speciate with Ancient Humans. Current Biology.
- May 24 2019, Andaine Seguin-Orlando : Fredens et al. 2019 Total synthesis of Escherichia coli with a recoded genome. Nature.
- May 10 2019, Marine Poullet : Stajic et al. 2019 Epigenetic gene silencing alters the mechanisms and rate of evolutionary adaptation. Nature Ecology & Evolution.
- April 26 2019, Duha Alioğlu : Smith et al. Ancient RNA from Late Pleistocene permafrost and historical canids shows tissue-specific transcriptome survival. biorxiv.
- April12 2019, Pablo Librado : Posth et al. 2018. Reconstructing the Deep Population History of Central and South America. Cell.
- March 29 2019, Andreia Moreira : Xiang et al. 2019. Routine allomaternal nursing in a free-ranging Old World monkey. Science Advance.

Transversal Lab Meetings

- September 11th-12th 2017 : Ice-Breaker#1. See here for a full programme.