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Theves Catherine

Thèves Catherine

Contact :
Tel : 00-33-(0)5 61 14 55 01

Research topics
My research topic focuses on ancient pathogens, their identification and characterization to decipher mechanisms on pathogen mutation and evolution as well as human-pathogen interaction and its relation to human genomic diversity.
My research is at the intersection of several disciplines :
1) Molecular Biology and Genetics related to ancient and modern DNA Analysis.
2) Anthropological studies on ancient and modern human populations, human ecology (Man / Environment)
3) Microbial environments, identification of pathogens and opportunistic microo-organisms co-infecting ancient human subjects

Current researchs
Paleogenetic and paleogenomic of human Yakut population from 16th to 19th century, Eastern Siberia.
Health and dental status in past populations, the evolution of pathogens and diseases.
Studies of human relationship in neolithic collective burials, Europe.
Research of pathogens and population genetic in French populations (from medieval to 18th century).

Parcours de recherche
2011-present : Laboratory AMIS UMR5288, Toulouse, France, Researcher CNRS
2010 Laboratory Dendris, Recherche et développement biotechnologique, Private
2008-2009 Laboratory Bio Pole, Recherche bactériologique, Toulouse, France Post-Doc
2006-2009 Laboratory d’Anthropobiologie, CNRS FRE2960, Toulouse, France Post-Doc
2002-2006 INSERM U563, CHU Purpan, Toulouse, France, MSC and PhD thesis.
2001 Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, MSC