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Willmann Claire

Junior hospital doctor in dentistry. Research student in paleogenetic.

Contact : willmann.claire(a)
Research topic
Study of bacterial microbiome present in dental calculus from modern and ancient populations : composition, evolution and odontological involvements.

Actual research
This work aims to evaluate the bacterial microbiome linked to the presence or absence of dental pathologies among precise archeological series from key areas and times in France, as well as from other geographical areas.
A comparison of actual and past microbial diversity among populations will be made. New high-throughput sequencing techniques « Next Generation Sequencing » (NGS) now allows analyses of much deteriorated DNA fragments, and genome reconstruction.
We aim to 1/determine, via NGS, the exhaustive bacterial composition of calculus among ancient French and Siberian populations at key times (Neolithic, middle age, XVIIIth century). 2/compare the found DNA with DNA from known microbial communities in order to assess changes in the bacterial composition of calculus. 3/search for periodonto-pathogenic bacteria, such as Porphyromonas gingivalis ; Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and Treponema denticola.
We could access the whole ancient oral microbiome, commensal and pathogenic, at the scale of individuals and populations. A new scientific approach will be proposed for French and European odontologist clinicians, willing to deepen their theoretical knowledge about the common oral disease they have to cure daily.

Research experience
Junior hospital doctor.
Master 1 Biosanté.
Master 2 Anthropologie. Génétique des populations humaines